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Skin irritant Discovered new argon||AllBestNews||

Skin irritant Discovered new argon

Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Skin irritant Discovered new argon

Skin irritant Discovered new argon

London, PTI Researchers have discovered a new sensory organ in the skin. This organ immediately feels pain in the case of any damage to the skin. Scientists believe that this discovery will be important in the development of analgesics. According to research published in the journal Science, one in five people is currently suffering from body pain. Therefore, new analgesics are needed.

Pain sensation is important

The sensation of pain is very important for the survival of the body. This sensation protects the body. When there is damage in a tissue, it promotes reactions that prevent it from being damaged. Researchers at the Korolinska Institute in Sweden report that this sensory organ of the skin accompanies glia cells. Which collectively extends like a mesh within the skin.

Pain works together with sensory nerves

According to the researchers, this organ is sensitive to those reactions such as pricking, pressure, etc. and gives a feeling of pain. Researchers report that this pain sensory organ works in association with the pain sensory nerves in the skin. When this organ is activated, a type of electrical impulse is produced in the veins, which results in a reaction and a pain is felt.

Cells can be controlled externally

Researchers point out that the cells that make up this organ can be controlled externally. They tell us how they feel any prick and pressure. In their experiment, the researchers blocked the pain-detecting organelle and found that it significantly reduced the sensation of pain.

Will help in pain relief

Professor Patik Earnforce of the Korolinska Institute stated, "Our study shows that sensitivity to pain is not only in the nerve fibers of the skin. The newly discovered organ is also responsible for the pain. ”He said that this discovery changes our understanding of the cellular mechanisms of physical sensation. With the new understanding, better analgesics can be developed.

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