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Pawan Singh was threatening to kill me, read- EXCLUSIVE conversation with Akshara Singh||AllBestNews||

Pawan Singh was threatening to kill me, read- EXCLUSIVE conversation with Akshara Singh

Saturday, August 3, 2019

/ by All Best News
Pawan Singh threatening kill Akshara Singh

Pawan Singh was threatening to kill me, read- EXCLUSIVE conversation with Akshara Singh

While having a special conversation with Zee Hindi Digital, Akshara spoke openly in this matter. He told that he had taken this decision only after being fed up with Pawan Singh.

An FIR has been lodged against Pawan Singh, who is called the powerstar of Bhojpuri films, by the famous Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh at the Malvani police station in Mumbai on Saturday. On the part of Akshara Singh, Pawan Singh has been booked under IPC Section 509, although it is a Belalable Act, but the problems of Pawan Singh can increase the IT Act 66 (A), 66 (E) and 67, in which his arrest It is possible because it is non balleable. Let me tell you, they can be punished up to 3 years or more in IT Act and they can also face penalties. According to sources, the police had also gone to their house in Pawan Singh's house in Mumbai on Saturday but they did not get there. While talking to Zee Hindi Digital, Akshar spoke candidly in this matter. He told that he had taken this decision only after being fed up with Pawan Singh.

Threats to kill

Akshara said, "Pawan Singh is very badly putting an effect on my work. In Bhojpuri film industry everyone is refusing to give me work and when I told all these things to the media, I started threatening to kill me and made it difficult to go to Bihar. Getting my pornographic pictures made viral on social networking sites and making lewd comments on it… Tired of all these things, I got an FIR registered at the police station. I tried to handle things to a great extent but when the water was above the head, I took this decision. When last time Pawan Singh raised my hand, many media people questioned me, but I kept silent. In this case I did not give any statement to anyone. Akshara further said that now he is ready to fight openly. A lot of girls are caught in such cases, but why should I not tolerate it? I do not have to.

Controversy started from here

On the other hand, after the FIR of Akshar, the market of discussions in the industry has once again become hot. It is being speculated that Pawan Singh may be arrested soon. In the FIR, Akshara has also mentioned the case of Pawan's first wife Jyoti Singh. Actually, the dispute between Akshara Singh and Pawan Singh suddenly started, when Akhara had asked for a name during a show in Darbhanga that there are some people in the industry who want to end their career. After this, in many of his interviews, Akshara openly made many sensational allegations against him by taking the name of Pawan Singh. He said that Panan Singh, distraught by the view of his songs, made the pressurize the industry's music channels, directors, producers and artists not to work with me. I said these things when the water got above the head. By the way, when I had started the move, but I got hurt by my success and they came out on a conspiracy against me.

Akshara is a resident of Patna

Akshara Singh, who got her name in the top actress of Bhojpuri film industry in a very short time, is ruling the hearts of people with her voice as well as her acting. Originally from Patna, Akshara inherited acting skills, as her father Vipin Singh was a Bhojpuri famous actor and her mother Neelima Singh was also an actress. Born on 30 August 1993, Akshara never thought that she would make her mark as an actress. He was very fond of singing since childhood. She wanted to be a playback singer. But see the fate of Akshara, she has become a successful actress as well as a successful singer.

Zee Tv serial 'Kala Teeka' gets recognition

Akshara started his acting career with Zee TV serial 'Black Tika'. After this, Akshara in Sony TV serial 'Saryaputra Karna', but all of them did not get much recognition. Then during this time Akshara met Bhojpuri megastar Ravi Kishan, after which Akshara got one of the biggest break to join Bhojpuri film industry in the film 'Satyamev Jayate'. In 2013, 'Satyamev Jayate', Akshara became famous in the entire Bhojpuri film world. Let's say, Akshar's first film 'Satyamev Jayate' proved to be a super-duper hit at the Bhojpuri box office. After the success of this film, Akshara did not look back till today. Today Akshara has been brought to this stage by her hard work and dedication to work, where Bhojpuri films become a hit under her name.

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