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Chinki-Minky Who are these twin girls||AllBestNews||

Who are Chinki-Minky Kapil Sharma, confused after seeing Chinki-Minky

Monday, July 1, 2019

/ by All Best News

Chinki-Minky Who are these twin girls Kapil Sharma, confused after seeing Chinki-Minky

Every role of The Kapil Sharma show is very close to the audience. Then Chandana Prabhakar played Chandu Chaiwala or Krishna Abhishek's dream. Kapil Sharma himself also appears in the show in many comic characters. These days, comedies have entered two new characters, who have confused Kapil Sharma. The name of these characters is Chinki and Minky.

The characters of Chinki and Minky have been seen on Saturday and Sunday shows. In the beginning, both of them have got only a few minutes' entry in the entire show, but they have definitely made their special place in the show.

On the very first day, Chunky and Minky were given the show a standing ovation by the judge Archana Puran Singh.

Who is Chinki and Minki and what is their real name?
After the arrival of Chinkee and Minky, the question is in question, who are these two who The real name of Chinki and Minky is Surabhi and Samrddhi Mehra. Both of these are famous stars of the Tic Tok.

Where is live chinky and minki?
According to the report, these two twin girls living in Delhi are discussing social media for their style and fashion. Surabhi and Samrudhi Mehra have got a lot of prominence on the tic tok.

What did this doing before coming to the show?
Prior to Kapil's show, he has also modeled for many big brands.

What is the most important thing in both of these?
The most remarkable thing in Surabhi and Samrudhi Mehra is that both of them are similar. Both keep their hairstyles and getup perfectly match with each other. And both talk the same thing

More information about Surabhi and Samrudhi Mehra is not updated on the Internet. But after the entry in the Kapil Sharma show, both of them are increasingly growing fan following.

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