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These 5 threats are caused by nomenophobia||AllBestNews||

These 5 threats are caused by nomenophobia||AllBestNews||

Thursday, June 13, 2019

/ by All Best News
These 5 threats are caused by nomenophobia
These 5 threats are caused by nomenophobia.

Due to digitization, the world is progressing, but due to the smart gadget, people are also hunting for a disease such as nomofobia. Almost three adult consumers constantly use multiple devices simultaneously. In the current period, people are doing their 90 percent work with the help of gadget, due to which they are becoming victims of nomenopobia. Knowing the problems caused by nomophobia, your attachment will definitely decrease from the smart gadget.

1-Switching screens like this in India is common. Long-term use of mobile phones can cause neck pain, eye-dryness, computer vision syndrome and insomnia.

2-About 60 percent of young people aged 20 to 30 years are expected to lose their mobile phones, which are called nomophobia. Uncertainty inside this condition is very much increased.

3-The whole world is the only victim of nomophobia. 58 percent of men and 47 percent of women are affected by the menopophobia.

4-The number of hours we spend on different instruments every day makes us sensitive to many problems including neck and shoulder, back, elbow, wrist and thumb and long pains.

5-Due to the Mobile Phone Switch of Nomophobia, you are a victim of mental depression. It also has a great effect on humanitarian efforts.

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