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Newswrap: Read, 5 big news on Thursday morning||AllBestNews||

Newswrap: Read, 5 big news on Thursday morning||AllBestNews||

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

/ by All Best News
5 big news on Thursday morning
Newswrap: Read, 5 big news on Thursday morning

Cyclone 'Vayu' can hit Gujarat today. For the past three days, there has been a lot of trouble for the administration. On Thursday, a news related to cyclone wind is being reported that it will now be affected not only on the entire state but in the coastal areas.

On Thursday, before the wind storm began, its effect began to appear on Wednesday evening. About 500 villages near the sea were flooded, due to which millions of people were evacuated. Read Thursday's Subar 5 big news ...

1-Awaited Gujarat, 3 lakh people were expelled

Given the disadvantages of any kind in Gujarat, the administration is on alert. The administration has also prepared many food packets, if anyone needs it. For those who have been evacuated from the homes, the administration is being arranged for them.

2-Before the arrival of 2-PM Modi appeared in Bishkek, opposite tricolor

Before the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, the national flag of India has been reversed. In many places on the roadside, different national flags of different countries were installed, in which at some places India's national flag was also installed, but this flag was wrongly attached.

3-The scope of increase in capital expenditure, exports will remain sluggish

There is no scope for the government to increase capital expenditure (capex), exports are sluggish, it is not possible to achieve the target of tax collection. Based on the review of macro economic performance in May, the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) said this. CMIE has released this review on the basis of several major indicators like economic growth, fiscal discipline, inflation and exports.

4-most active on social media, upper class, Muslim second number

This time in the Lok Sabha elections, a fight to overcome political rivals was fought on social media. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been trying to surround Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the 'watchman thief Hai' on the Rafael deal. At the same time, PM Modi reversed the negative through social media and wrote 'I also janitor' in his Twitter handle. After this, all BJP leaders and ministers added it to their Twitter handle, and this war remained till the whole election.

5-year-old Rishabh Pant's departure for World Cup happy

Rishabh Pant has been called in England after injury to Team India opener Shikhar Dhawan between the ongoing Cricket World Cup in England. However, he will not be in the team. The BCCI has confirmed that Dhawan will remain in England. In this way Pant can join the team later.

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