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This time from Odisha and Bengal, why is the BJP expecting a miracle||AllBestNews||

This time from Odisha and Bengal, why is the BJP expecting a miracle||AllBestNews||

Sunday, April 21, 2019

/ by All Best News
Odisha and Bengal

This time from Odisha and Bengal, why is the BJP expecting a miracle?

The BJP, which has won the majority in the 2014 elections, is again fighting the political battle of 2019, led by Narendra Modi. In UP-Bihar, BJP and NDA won the majority of seats for the last time. The party here is claiming to repeat the miracle this time but the special focus is on Odisha and West Bengal.

Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley said in a tweet that this time the elections in North-East, West Bengal and Odisha would be very startling. The BJP, which has won the majority in the 2014 elections, is again fighting the political battle of 2019, led by Narendra Modi. In UP-Bihar, BJP and NDA won the majority of seats for the last time. The party here is claiming to repeat the miracle this time, but why is the special focus on Odisha and West Bengal?

There are two reasons behind the quest for success in BJP's new areas. The first is compulsion and second strategy. The first reason is the state like UP-Bihar, where most of the seats were won by BJP-NDA in 2014. This time there are increasing challenges due to the Alliance like the SP-BSP combine, the Congress-RJD General Elections. And the second reason is that BJP's strong land in states like Odisha and Bengal

In fact, Bengal and Odisha are such states where the regional parties are quite strong. If West Bengal is a strong stronghold of Mamta Banerjee, then Naveen Patnaik's long-standing magic in Odisha remains intact. Even in the 2014 elections, despite the Modi wave, the BJP could not do anything in these two states. Then here the question arises that the BJP is expecting from the factories this time. Actually, the reason behind the changed ground situation in 5 years after 2014. For this, in both the states, BJP broke the well-known leaders from the front camp and strengthened their camps.

Odisha to be BJP's game changer

Assembly elections in Odisha are also being held with the Lok Sabha. Naveen Patnaik has been occupying power of Odisha since last 19 years. By 2009, the BJP was also his ally. In this period, BJP strengthened its land in the state. There are 21 Lok Sabha seats in Odisha. In the 1999 election, Odisha bagged 10 seats, BJP got 9 and Congress got 2 seats. In 2004, BJD 9, BJP 7 and Congress managed to win 2 seats. In 2009, BJD won 14 seats, Congress 6 and CPI won one seat.

In spite of Modi magic, BJP won only one seat in the 2014 elections, while BJD won 20 seats. Congress's account is not even open But from here, BJP has inducted Orissa into its election strategy prominently. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP got 21.5% votes in Odisha. While she is in second place in 9 seats. In these seats, BJP started focusing on the strategy. In the last 5 years Amit Shah visited Odisha again and again. Modi-Yogi has done more than two dozen rallies and road shows in Odisha in the last two years.

In 2014 Modi became the government after being formed two ministers from Odisha - Dharmendra Pradhan and Joel Uran NATIONAL Joint Organization, Maha Sadan Singh, has been given the responsibility of strengthening the organization on the ground. Focusing on the organization by raising the workers and focusing on increasing membership. In order to give a message to the voters, BJP has convened the national executive meeting in Odisha. The results of the Panchayat elections in 2017 increased the enthusiasm of the BJP and indicated the danger for BJD. BJP won 296 seats in Panchayat elections. Which was about 8 times from 36 seats in 2012. While the Congress, which won 128 seats in the 2012 elections, got reduced to 63 in the 63 seats.

Team of BJP Odisha

To make big wages on Odisha, BJP formed a strong team. When Saudan Singh got the right to organize an organization on the ground, Dharmendra Pradhan wanted to help the people of Odisha with the information of the plans of the Modi government. Joel Uran was asked to focus on tribal areas. The party gave the slogan 'BJD Half, Congress Clean'. Right there. V. Sinhdev, Basant Panda got involved in strengthening the party on the ground.

BJD-Congress clamped in camp

In order to strengthen its camp in Odisha, BJP has put a dent in BJD and Congress camp In June 2015, BJP included senior Congress leader and former CM Girdhar Gamang in his team. During the 2014 elections, after Naveen Patnaik in BJD, Balbhadra Mei and Bijayant Panda used to be counted. Today, both are BJP candidates. This list does not end here. BJP MLA from Kandhamal, Pratyusha Rajeshwari Singh, K Narayan Rao and Dama Raut, and Prakash Behera of the Congress, who had been the leader of the BJP, The party's big names have also been cast in the elections so that the enthusiasm of the workers on the ground has increased. Former IAS Aparajita Sarangi has been brought from the Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha seat while the National Spokesperson has brought the letter from Puri.

BJP is contesting on Modi's face in Odisha. He has hopes from Nine Patnaik's anti-incubation factor of 19-year rule. Apart from this, BJP is besieging the Naveen Patnaik government by raising incidents like chitfund scam, poverty, farmers' problems and Dana Manjhi.

Mission 23 Vs Mission 42 in Bengal

BJP is hopeful of a political miracle in Odisha as well as West Bengal. The reason for this is- Leaders who came from Trinamool Congress, recent election successes and expectations from Modi magic By the way, Mamta Banerjee's magic was going on in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Trinamool had won 34 out of 42 seats in the state. 4 Congress won the CPM by 2 seats. Only two candidates of BJP were successful in winning. This time, BJP wants to work in the state by working on Mission 23 and Mamata Banerjee is appealing to the people to make the next PM from Bengal by giving slogan "Mission 42".

Election with new possibilities for BJP

Although the seats for BJP in 2014 were 2, but the party considered it to be the door to success. The BJP seats doubled in comparison to the 2009 elections. While the other was in second place in three Lok Sabha seats. The vote percentage was 17.02%. Which increased 10.88 compared to 2009. More than that, due to the weakness of the Left parties and the Congress, it saw the possibility of increasing in the state. In the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, BJP is contesting all the seats. Many big Trinamool leaders are now in the BJP camp and Mamta's direct fight is with Modi's face.

BJP favors generous faces

BJP President Amit Shah in April 2017 gave the slogan of 'Ebar Bangla', now Bengal, and set a goal of Mission 23. In 2014, including Mukul Roy, many leaders of the TMC won the heroes of their team. The BJP came in ticket from Arun Singh, Soumitra Khan, Anupam Hazara and CPM, who came from TMC and Khagen Mumu, who joined the BJP, got tickets in the election. Baban Supriyo, MP from Asansol, is in the fray again. They are challenged by TMC's Candidate and veteran actress Munmun Sen. BJP has fielded Chandubhai Chandra Bose's son-in-law Chandra Kumar Bose, Kolkata South, West Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh to Medinipur, actress Lukat Chatterjee to Hooghly, former IPS Bharti Ghosh Ghatal and Rahul Sinha from Kolkata North Seat. While Rajya Sabha MP and actress Rupa Ganguly and Mousemi Chatterjee are fiercely campaigning for BJP.

Jangalmahal region and polarization hope BJP

To win Bengal, BJP is expected to win 6 seats in the Jangalmahal area, which is the stronghold of Naxalism, then it is expected to use 10 more seats through the Hindutva card. Apart from this, BJP is also seen in Bihar and Jharkhand-Assam areas and urban areas. Anyway, 2014 the BJP's graph in the state has increased rapidly. In the Panchayat elections, after the first Lok Sabha, then assembly, municipal and by-election, BJP has improved its performance consistently.

Since 2014, where the situation of the Congress and the Left has weakened in the state, the BJP's performance has consistently improved. In the West Bengal Panchayat elections, the ruling TMC had clean sweep even though BJP surprised everyone. Of the total 31,802 gram panchayat seats, the Trinamool has occupied 20,848. While the BJP emerged as the second largest party and managed to win 5,657 seats. CPM won 1415 seats and Congress won just 993 seats. More than these two independents had won 1741 panchayat seats.

BJP in number two on the by-election

In addition to the Panchayat elections, the TMC had won the by-elections in Navpada assembly and Uluberia Lok Sabha seat but it was astonishing that in both of these seats, BJP got more votes than CPM. In the assembly elections held in 2016, three BJP MLAs won and BJP's vote was more than 6% higher than last time. Earlier, BJP had not even one MLA.

Apart from Bengal and Odisha, BJP is also expected to do well in the North-East. By winning seats in these new areas separately from 2014, the BJP is looking to compensate in the situation of fewer seats in UP-Bihar-Rajasthan-Gujarat states. However, after the counting of votes on 23rd May, it will be revealed that to what extent the BJP strategy is successful.

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